[C++-sig] Re: Re: possible handle_exception_impl error

Mike Rovner mike at bindkey.com
Thu Nov 21 02:12:56 CET 2002

"David Abrahams" <dave at boost-consulting.com> wrote in message
news:u8yznagqx.fsf at boost-consulting.com...
> "Mike Rovner" <mike at bindkey.com> writes:
> > The code above is working fine standalone, but crashes as part of
> > bigger module. :(
> >
> > Apparently my namespace clashes with boost::python. :(
> Why do you draw that conclusion?
> I think it's much more likely that your bigger module has a bug
> somewhere.

Because I stripped down to this:

#include <boost/python.hpp>
#include "Tcn.h"

using namespace boost::python;
using namespace Tcn;

  class_<LayerDef>("Layer", init<const char*>())
    .add_property("name", (const char* (LayerDef::*)())&LayerDef::Name)

and Tcn supposed to be a library I'm wrapping.
Ideally it's not buggy but in reality....
And be sure it's not mine :(

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