[C++-sig] C++ nested classes and addressof.hpp (cannot convert from 'const C::N *' to 'C::N *')

Kerim Borchaev warkid at hotbox.ru
Thu Nov 21 16:24:43 CET 2002

Hello c++-sig,

I'm exporting c++ class nested in other c++ class:
struct C{
    struct N{};


and getting this error message:

C:\Tools\boost_1_29_0\boost\utility\addressof.hpp(26) : error C2440: 'return' : cannot convert from 'const C::N *' to 'C::N *'
        Conversion loses qualifiers

What is fun that in addressof.hpp there's a comment:
// Do not make addressof() inline. Breaks MSVC 7. (Peter Dimov)

Strange, isn't it?

Best regards,
 Kerim                          mailto:warkid at hotbox.ru

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