[C++-sig] python namespace

Achim Domma achim.domma at syynx.de
Thu Nov 21 17:48:27 CET 2002


I have the same problem like Francois. I use the following:

  handle<> inner_module(PyModule_New("Drawable"));
  scope().attr("Drawable") = inner_module;
  scope drawable = object(inner_module);

it works fine with VC7 but I tried it on RH8 with gcc3.2 and it failed to
compile with the same error as Francois code. Then I tried something like:

  scope drawable = scope(object(inner_module))

This compiles but does not have the expected result. BTW: Should the
parameter for PyModule_New be "InnerModule" or "OuterModule.InnerModule"?


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