[C++-sig] Problem with vc++ 7

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Fri Nov 22 01:53:39 CET 2002

"Paul F. Kunz" <Paul_Kunz at SLAC.Stanford.EDU> writes:

>    Found the problem!   Only took two afternoon's worth of work :-(
> The project setting for the vc.proj that created the Python extension
> module was set "Use Managed Extension" = "yes".   Setting it to "no"
> completely fixes the problem.   Grrr.   I guess the "yes" setting was
> a default.

This is why I tell people to use Jamfiles.

    subproject libs/python/user ;

    # bring in the rules for python
    SEARCH on python.jam = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) ;
    include python.jam ;

    extension hippo : PyApp.cxx pyhippo.cxx <dll>../build/boost_python ;
    boost-python-runtest hippo : test.py <pyd>hippo ;

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