[C++-sig] MSVC project file [UPDATED]

Brett Calcott brett.calcott at paradise.net.nz
Mon Nov 25 07:12:10 CET 2002

On Nov 24 22:44, David Abrahams wrote:
> "Brett Calcott" <brett.calcott at paradise.net.nz> writes:
> > Here's one that fixes the errors Scott mentioned.
> >
> Hmm. I tried your project file, after dropping it in
> $BOOST_ROOT/libs/python/build/VisualStudio, and just got a lot of
> these:
> --------------------Configuration: boost_python - Win32 DebugPython--------------------
> Compiling...
> aix_init_module.cpp
> arg_to_python_base.cpp
> C:\\boost\\libs\\python\\src\\converter\\arg_to_python_base.cpp(7): catastrophic error: could not open source file "boost/python/converter/arg_to_python_base.hpp"
>   #include <boost/python/converter/arg_to_python_base.hpp>
>                                                           ^
> builtin_converters.cpp
> compilation aborted for C:\boost\libs\python\src\converter\arg_to_python_base.cpp (code 4)
> C:\\boost\\libs\\python\\src\\converter\\builtin_converters.cpp(7): catastrophic error: could not open source file "boost/python/detail/config.hpp"
>   #include <boost/python/detail/config.hpp>
>                                            ^
> class.cpp
> compilation aborted for C:\boost\libs\python\src\converter\builtin_converters.cpp (code 4)
> C:\\boost\\libs\\python\\src\\object\\class.cpp(6): catastrophic error: could not open source file "boost/python/object/class.hpp"
>   #include <boost/python/object/class.hpp>
>                                           ^
> ...
> Did I do something wrong?

Yeah, you didn't read the non-existent documentation :)

There are two ways of setting include paths in VS. You can add them
under: Project/Settings/C++/Preprocessor/Additional Include Directories
which makes them project specific, or you can add them under the
Tools/Options/Directories/Include Files, which makes them global to all
projects. Given that people may put $BOOST_ROOT wherever they want, I
typically define stlport and boost stuff at the global level, rather
than expose my particular setup to the world. This means I can quickly
switch versions too. *However*, as this file will exist within the boost
tree, I can add the relative include path to the project file. I
didn't think to do this as I had already got my global definition
going. I will make this fix in the one I submit with the docs which
should happen soonish... 

I have been quiet cos' I need to finish some writing - then I'll be
back to look at this pointer stuff again too.


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