[C++-sig] Re: Problem with vc++ 7

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Mon Nov 25 22:32:43 CET 2002

"Mike Rovner" <mike at bindkey.com> writes:

> I am a complete stranger to Jam and scanning manual and tutorial seems to
> confirm that "Jam has simple yet unintuitive language."
> "David Abrahams" <dave at boost-consulting.com> wrote in message
> news:ufztuwhkc.fsf at boost-consulting.com...
>> This is why I tell people to use Jamfiles.
>>     subproject libs/python/user ;
>>     # bring in the rules for python
>>     SEARCH on python.jam = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) ;
>>     include python.jam ;
>>     extension hippo : PyApp.cxx pyhippo.cxx <dll>../build/boost_python ;
>>     boost-python-runtest hippo : test.py <pyd>hippo ;
> How to include my files from c:/a/b/c/include dir and libs (say
> c:/d/e/f.lib)?
> When I say:
>     extension t1 : t1.cpp
>     <dll>../build/boost_python

You need a colon here. Sources and dependencies are a separate
argument from requirements

>     <include>c:/a/b/c/include

 Oh, and the library below needs to go with the sources and the other
dependency. You can read all about this at http://www.boost.org/tools/build/build_system.htm

>     <lib>c:/d/e/f
>     ;

> IMHO It would be good addition to FAQ (building section).

Please submit a patch which explains whatever you think needs to be

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