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Tue Nov 26 20:09:30 CET 2002

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> >> > How to include my files from c:/a/b/c/include dir and libs (say
> >> > c:/d/e/f.lib)?
> >> >
> >> > When I say:
> >> >     extension t1 : t1.cpp
> >> >     <dll>../build/boost_python
> >>
> >> You need a colon here. Sources and dependencies are a separate
> >> argument from requirements
> >>
> >> >     <include>c:/a/b/c/include
> >
> > OK. It works and reveal an error in boost/example/Jamfile (missed

My fault! I misinterpreted <dll>... as dependency and placed a colon before
Now it all works fine (vc6).

> >> Please submit a patch which explains whatever you think needs to be
> >> clarified.
> >
> > On my way.

That is my first attempt to suggest changes, so please be patient and lead
me through.

Suggested text:

Using bjam to build python extensions

bjam is a standard tool for building boostlibrary itself. Thus it is
preferable way to build python extensions based on boost.python with bjam.
Basic example listed in tutorial.

However if you want to add external libraries in your extension (that is why
you use boost.python, isn't it?), you must add them to dependency section:

# Specify our location in the boost project hierarchy
subproject libs/python/MyExtension ; ##################### if you put your
dir in boost hierarchy

# Include definitions needed for Python modules
SEARCH on python.jam = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) ;
include python.jam ;

# Declare a Python extension
extension Example
:  # sources

:  # dependencies

# Declare a test for the extension module
boost-python-runtest test1
    :  # Python test driver
    # extension modules to use
    <pyd>Example ;

Keeping your projects under boost hierarchy is often inconvenient. You may
adjust Jamfile to build your extension from any place by
- specifying BOOST_BUILD_PATH environment variable pointing to the root of
your boost tree or
- copying boost-build.jam file to some place in (or above) your source
and changing the line subproject to the
    project-root ;
in the Jamfile.
See also

BTW, still open question: How to specify library in a platform-independent

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