[C++-sig] More MacOSX & Python - 2.3

Rene Rivera grafik666 at redshift-software.com
Thu Oct 31 06:25:32 CET 2002

Well thanks again to Ralf for doing some of the MacOSX work... and figuring
out how to install the latest Python as a framework.

Good news is...

* Extensions and libboost_python build and link. That is the ones that
* Of the ones that produce an extension they are loaded by the Python
* Of the ones that load, some of them seem to run to completion, and what
looks like without errors.

Bad news...

* Only a small number of them compile. The single compile problem is this

In file included from
                 from args.cpp:10:
/net/taipan/scratch1/grafik/boost/boost/python/bases.hpp:19: parse error
   numeric constant
/net/taipan/scratch1/grafik/boost/boost/python/bases.hpp:24: confused by
earlier errors, bailing out

* Of the ones that compile and load, the majority seem to just hang there
doing nothing for some time. After some short period of time (~1 minute) I
killed the Python interpreter. Don't know why this is, but it could be
something as silly as it deciding to open a dialog box I can't see and is
waiting for never to arrive feedback.

There is one change I had to make to Boost.Python code to even get this far:

Index: rvalue_from_python_data.hpp
RCS file:
retrieving revision 1.10
diff -b -u -2 -r1.10 rvalue_from_python_data.hpp
--- rvalue_from_python_data.hpp 12 Oct 2002 15:37:33 -0000  1.10
+++ rvalue_from_python_data.hpp 31 Oct 2002 04:57:49 -0000
@@ -98,5 +98,5 @@
         && !defined(BOOST_PYTHON_SYNOPSIS) /* Synopsis' OpenCXX has trouble
parsing this */
     // This must always be a POD struct with m_data its first member.
== 0);
== 0);
 # endif

If that BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT is not commented out the compiler chokes with an
can't-do-that/unimplemented error.

I'm attachinng the test output just in case it usefull in some form.

The setup for compilation is like so:


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