[C++-sig] compilation problems with mingw v2.0

gideon may gideon at computer.org
Fri Sep 13 19:23:40 CEST 2002

> You're showing your age here ;-)

Good old times when the only library you needed to know was iris gl and
had the feeling you understood whatever was going on inside your system :O

>> Shows the current status.
> We are using
> MIPSpro Compilers: Version
> MIPSpro Compilers: Version

Guess my compiler version is a bit out of date ( I'll see if I 
hunt down a newer version.

> There is a gcc 3.0.4 binary in the SGI freeware section that worked for
> us a while ago. Maybe they have more recent gcc versions now.

I'm afraid that trying to compile the boost library with gcc 3.x would
be a bit too much for the sgi box I have (O2 180MHz SC).
Just linking the wrapper which I'm working on (OpenSceneGraph) takes already
about 20 mins on a 1GHz Pentium running Linux.

For me the irix version is more a proof of concept than a necessity.
Still, I'll give it a try with gcc 3.2



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