[C++-sig] Re: Weave Scipy Inline C++

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun Sep 15 22:47:25 CEST 2002

From: "Mark Evans" <lists at UltimateG.com>

> David and Eric,
> I have little to add in a technical sense, except
> Compilers
>   http://www.comeaucomputing.com/
>   Comeau C++ can handle *very* advanced C++, and costs only $50.
>   One of the best C++ compilers available.

Thanks, I have it already, but Greg's installation instructions are such a
pain to deal with that I haven't had time to install it. Fortunately, the
tru64 CXX Ralf is testing with is using the same EDG front-end, so it
really doesn't matter if I set up Comeau here.

>   http://www.DigitalMars.com/
>   Almost as good by a hair, FREE, but not quite Boost-capable yet;
>   will be once Walter gets the namespace support up to
>   the very latest STL standards (couple months?); can serve
>   as a fast back-end for Comeau.  The virtue of DM is ultra
>   high compilation speed and code optimization.

Comeau doesn't need a fast back-end. It needs a fast front end ;-)
Anyway, I don't think I can invest in supporting a relatively unpopular
compiler which doesn't support namespaces well.
At least, not right now.

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