[C++-sig] pyste and virtual classes.

Giulio Eulisse giulio.eulisse at cern.ch
Tue Apr 1 09:24:42 CEST 2003

> But Giulio, what's the problem in exporting all virtual functions? I 
> assume you have something like:
> struct A
> {
>     virtual C getC();
> };

it's more like:

struct A
	virtual void setC(C *ptr); 

> and you don't want to export the class C, right? But remember that 
> exporting class A without class C will compile just fine. If you try to 
> call getC in Python, you will just get an exception. Was that the 
> problem, or I misunderstood?

It doesn't compile fine: it complains about non declared class C...
I'll send you a real example as soon as I prepare one...


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