[C++-sig] Boost.Python documentation errors

Nicodemus nicodemus at globalite.com.br
Mon Apr 7 23:10:31 CEST 2003

Dirk Gerrits wrote:

> Hi,
> Now on with the errors I found in the Pyste documentation...

Thanks a lot for reporting all this! 8)

> In running_pyste.html, it says 'avaiable' instead of 'available'.
> At the end of policies.html, it says 'thought' instead of 'though'.
> At the start of templates.html it says 'can easily exported too' 
> instead of 'can easily be exported too'. (Missing 'be'.) Also, Classes 
> and Template should be spelled without the capital letter when not at 
> the start of the sentence. And 'only DPoint is affect by this renames' 
> should be 'only DPoint is affected by these renames'.
> In wrapper.html it says 'std::vector<string>' instead of 
> 'std::vector<std::string>' and 'Boost.Python has an excellent support 
> for that' instead of 'Boost.Python has excellent support for that'. 

typos... 8/

> Also, I think the code example directly after that is bugged: result 
> is not assigned to. Or is the comment supposed to be a placeholder for 
> that assignment? It wasn't 100% clear to me. 

Sorry, you're right. The comment was supposed to be a placeholder for 
the code, but it wasn't clear in the documentation. I didn't put the 
code to avoid shadowing the intent of the snippet, but the code seems 
simple enough, so I will put it:

    list names_wrapper()
        list result;
        // call original function
        vector<string> v = names();
        // put all the strings inside the python list
        vector<string>::iterator it;
        for (it = v.begin(); it != v.end(); ++it){
        return result;

Hope that's better. 8)

> Further, it says 'The same mechanism can be done with methods too' 
> instead of 'The same mechanism can be used with methods too'. (I'm not 
> a native English speaker but I think this is more correct.)
> In smart_pointers.html it says 'conversor' instead of 'convertor' and 
> later 'conversors' instead of 'convertors'.

Oops. In my native language (Brazillian Portuguese), converter is 
"conversor", hence the confusion. 8P

> Lastly, there is no concensus on the spelling of Pyste/pyste and 
> GCCXML/gccxml. I suggest they are all changed to Pyste and GCCXML 
> respectively.

Agreed! Sloppy writing by my part. 8)

> Now I want to note that this is in no way intended as a personal 
> attack on Bruno. We all make mistakes after all. ;)

Of course I don't consider this a personal attack! I really appreciate 
your time to read the entire documentation, and taking notes of what you 
saw that was wrong or unclear.

> Cheers,
> Dirk Gerrits 

Thanks again Dirk!

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