[C++-sig] boost & pedantic -W -Wall -ansi

Giulio Eulisse giulio.eulisse at cern.ch
Tue Apr 8 18:58:10 CEST 2003

On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 13:39, Nicodemus wrote:
> Giulio Eulisse wrote:
> >When compiling a pyste generated file with -pedantic -W -Wall -ansi,
> >besides a number of warnings because of unused variables, there is a
> >problem which makes the compiler fail.
> >
> >/afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/Boost/1.30.0/rh73_gcc32/boost/python/object/make_ptr_instance.hpp:37 invalid use of member `boost::mpl::bool_<true>::type
> >
> >The same code works perfectly without those flags.
> >Any idea? Since the code is quite long, I'll wait to see if this is a
> >common error befor giving more information.
> >
> >Ciao,
> >Giulio
> >PS: dropping -pedantic -ansi -Wall -W is not an option...;-)
> >  
> >
> Hi Giulio,
> Could you post a (short) snipped of the code that manifests the problem 
> and the compiler message, so we can analyse what's wrong with the 
> generated code?

I overlooked this message, sorry...
For one of the errors, the incriminated line of code is:

        .def("setNum", (QCString & (QCString::*)(float, char, int)
)&QCString::setNum, return_internal_reference< 1 >(),

in QCString wrapping code....

I gotta go now, I will try to be more specific tomorrow. Thanks!


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