[C++-sig] [patch] Unused variable warnings.

Giulio Eulisse giulio.eulisse at cern.ch
Wed Apr 9 11:42:53 CEST 2003

When compiling with -W -Wall I get some unused variable warnings.
In attachment you find a little patch which fixes some of them in
boost/python/class.hpp (CVS version 1.69)
The patch just casts the unused variables to void , so it should be

There are more of them in boost/python/detail/default_def.hpp
in the process of producing a patch for that as well.

Giulio Eulisse
Northeastern University, Boston, MA (USA)
CERN, Geneve, GE (CH)
Office: 40-3-A15
Office phone:76 71692 Cellphone:(+39) 3356972726
Homepage: http://home.cern.ch/eulisse/
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