[C++-sig] Re: using msvc lib in python

Mike Rovner mike at nospam.com
Wed Aug 20 21:09:52 CEST 2003

Mike Rovner wrote: (repost)
> benny at coca-kohler.de wrote:
>> Is it possible to create the pyd-file using the
>> Visual Studio??? i dont wanT to use the command line.
> It's pretty easy - I use it.
> First .pyd is a plain .dll file.
> - Make a project "Dynamic library",
> - In Linker General tab
> -- name the linker Output File "your_module_name.pyd",
> -- put in Additional Library Directories like
> Python22\libs;\boost\libs\python\build\VisualStudio\bin
> (yes, I use to build BPL with VS also)
> - In Linker Input
> -- put in Additional Dependencies boost_python.lib (or
> boost_python_d.lib for debug)
> Add you modules/libraries and build solution will give you module for
> Python importing.
> I even debug it from VS using Debugging Command "python.exe" with my
> script name
> (which imports the extension module) as argument.
> Enjoy,
> Mike

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