[C++-sig] Re: Boost.Python Deployment Dependencies

Wolfgang Langner wl at flexis.de
Mon Dec 1 10:14:39 CET 2003


> I’m in the process of trying to deploy an application that uses 
> boost.python. I started off by just including the python23.dll (as well 
> as the boost.python dll), but when our python code is executed via 
> boost.python, we get an error suggesting that site.py cannot be found.
> I then tried installing the python interpreter and libraries as well as 
> our new application, this worked. I then renamed the python23 
> directory, expecting our application to now fail. It didn’t. I am now 
> somewhat confused about what boost.python actually depends on????
> I don’t want to have to install python on every machine where we want 
> to install our application, I want to be able to include the necessary 
> boost.python dependencies in our install script.
> Any ideas?

Try to start your python programm with  "python -v prog.py"
then you get more info about what happens.

Now you can see what libs are needed.

If you start "python -v" without your prog name you can see what
files for a minimal python installation are needed.

bye by Wolfgang

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