[C++-sig] Call for Tutorial Presentations

Mohammadian, Masoud Masoud.Mohammadian at ise.canberra.edu.au
Mon Dec 8 05:24:37 CET 2003

   {                 CALL FOR TUTORIALS                                }
   {                        at                                                        }
   { International conference on Computational Intelligence    }
   {      for Modelling, Control and Automation - CIMCA'04     }
   {                Gold Coast - Australia                                  }
   {                                                                                  }

The orgainsing committe of the CIMCA'04 invitats researchers and practitioners to submit
proposals for tutorialss in connection with CIMCA'04 
to be held Gold Coast - Australia from 12 to 14 July 2004.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their tutorial-proposals to the conference 
tutorial chair at: cimca at ise.canberra.edu.au 

Tutorial proposals are limited to up to 4 pages for the outline as well as the Biography of the presenter/s. 
The proposal should contain: 

An abstract (briefly describing the aims and technical contents of the tutorial)
An introduction
An outline of the topic
Intended audience (interested audience and required background knowledge)
Biography of presenter/s
Contact information of presenter/s

Each tutorial proposal will be assessed based on significance, originality as well as scientific and technical interest. 

Important dates
Tutorial Proposals due date 16 January 2004 
Proposal Notifications 30 January 2004 

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