[C++-sig] PyObject * self member in class wrappers.

David Sankel camio at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 8 18:35:16 CET 2003

When a python class is being inherited from a c++
class, one must write a c++ wrapper around the c++

This wrapper must have a pointer to a PyObject called

I was wondering, what exactly is this PyObject?

Say I have the following scenario:

class Cloneable
  virtual Cloneable * Clone()=0;

class PythonCloneable
  PyObject * self;
  PythonCloneable( PyObject * self_ ) : self(self_) {}

  Cloneable * Clone()
     PythonCloneable * theCopy;
     //... What goes here?
     return theCopy;

I would like Clone to return a copy (not instance) of
the original.  This way, both the clone and the
original could be modified independently.  How would I
manipulate the self member to do this?


David J. Sankel

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