[C++-sig] Solaris build errors

Bruce Lowery bruce_lowery at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 15 18:36:43 CET 2003

>>Bruce Lowery <bruce_lowery at yahoo.com> writes:
>> In building the CVS version (as of Sun 2003-01-12) of boost.python library
>> solaris using v6.2.p2 of the sunpro compiler, two compile-time errors occur,
>> one in 'cast.hpp' and the other in 'inheritance.hpp'. Details are below.
>> --bruce

> I think you should report these to Sun.  

> I'm really surprised you only see two errors.  The last time I tried
> to get Boost libraries to work with a released Sun compiler (a couple
> of months ago), I was able to make Sun pass around 50% of all boost
> regression tests.  It's ability to handle standard C++ constructs was
> so bad that I don't think there's any hope of getting it to work with
> Boost.Python.

There were other errors from other boost libs, but these two were the only ones
reported from just the boost/python build.  They were actually reported many
times (same errors) since they are in headers.

> I've heard reports that their pre-release compiler implements a lot of
> bug fixes needed to work with Boost.  Is that what you're using?  If
> so, I still don't have access to this compiler so it's unlikely I'll
> be able to come up with a workaround for its bugs.  If you come up
> with something that makes it work, pleas submit a patch!

I'm not using the forte 7 compiler.  I'm using v6.2 corresponds to version 6 of
the toolset, I believe.

I've been told I may be able to use the GNU compiler - which I did recently,
and boost.python finally built on solaris (with gcc-tools.jam).  However, the
threads library failed to build. 


> -Dave

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