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David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Tue Jan 21 00:24:16 CET 2003

"Mike Rovner" <mike at bindkey.com> writes:

> I mean a short example of the same style. i.e. what it shall looks like - an
> essay, a faq entry, a short how-to, you name it...
> You know, I fall into the same trap all the time - when thing is obvious for
> me, it's hard to find questions to answer. When it still not - it hard to
> grok it from existing texts. :)

Well, I guess I don't have an example of anything like this sitting
around.  You'll have to be the pioneer.

I suggest you just describe the problem you're trying to solve, the
thought process you went through and rationale for your choices, and
show the code.  If you want to use the FAQ as a template I guess it
would be OK, but I predict it will be a little too long for a FAQ.

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