[C++-sig] reference counting pointers

Dusty Leary dleary at ttlc.net
Thu Jul 17 21:41:04 CEST 2003


Can someone give me example of a ResultConvertorGenerator (or whatever is
required) so that addref/decref calls get called on an object?

Currently, I am using boost::intrusive_ptr, which does almost what I want.

All my class bindings are defined like so:  class_<A, intrusive_ptr<A>
>("A"); class_<B, intrusive_ptr<B>, bases<A> >("B"); etc...

The problem is that functions which accept an intrusive_ptr<A>, when called
with an intrusive_ptr<B>, cause boost.python errors (no valid type found).

So, I would like to replace most of the uses of intrusive_ptr<A> with A* (in
method signatures), and just have my C++ implementations use intrusive_ptr
internally.  This way, the polymorphic thing will work out ok, with boost
wrapping B* and calling foo(A*) rather than wrapping intrusive_ptr<B> and
failing to call foo(intrusive_ptr<A>).

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