[C++-sig] Re: more cross-module problems

greg Landrum greglandrum at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 24 17:07:29 CEST 2003

At 07:16 AM 7/24/2003, David Abrahams wrote:

>None of these problems with boost::any have anything to do with
>Boost.Python per-se.  I'll try to explain what's going on if you'll
>agree to write a FAQ entry or other documentation page for
>Boost.Python which describes the cross-module issues in detail.  Deal?

you drive a hard bargain...
yeah, it's a deal.

>The Windows crash, FWIW, is a poor-QOI issue "bug" in the Dinkumware
>standard library that ships with vc6.  vc7 solves it:

Thanks for that info.  We're planning on switching a couple of machines 
over to vc7 in the beginning of August, so hopefully we'll be able to stop 
having these problems.


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