[C++-sig] Re: Problems with functions taking string arguments on Windows

greg Landrum greglandrum at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 6 05:42:20 CEST 2003

At 08:22 PM 6/5/2003, David Abrahams wrote:
>greg Landrum <greglandrum at mindspring.com> writes:
> >
> > Now I have another one though, but that's for another message...
>Does your other one work with bjam?

The other problem has to do with the type_converter registry (registering 
converters for the same types in different extension modules without 
causing crashes).  Since I have a work around in place, I'm going to let it 
stew for a while.

>There's a reason we set up this build system, you know.  It's not just
>that way because we wanted to reinvent the wheel.

I'm sure that there are a variety of great arguments for bjam;  I would 
probably come out ahead in the end if I could start using it.  However, I 
have a large base of code that I have to use and support that is currently 
built with "standard" tools like make (on unix) and Visual Studio (on 
windows).  I doubt that I will ever have time to port that stuff over to a 
new build system.  Even if I could do that, I would then have to convince 
every potential client that they should also drink the bjam kool-aid so 
that I could deliver tools to them.

Maybe it'll happen some day, but it's not likely to be soon.  I will, 
however, attempt to build all problematic examples with bjam before posting 
them to the list.


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