[C++-sig] Re: Refactoring, Compilation Speed, Pyste, Lua/Ruby/JavaScript...

Brett Calcott brett.calcott at paradise.net.nz
Mon Jun 16 12:49:01 CEST 2003

>    converter - This stuff which handles Python-specific conversion
>      mechanics is mostly already segregated in boost/python/converter,
>      but it could be better organized.  Almost everything else in the
>      library is built upon these capabilities

As somebody who has tried to go through the library, this bit is the part
I'd really like to understand. I'm sure the reorganisation would help, but
really love to read a short doc on how this actually all hangs together. The
registry, how the templates automates the construction of the PyObject and
Type, how conversions are looked up (what's that graph stuff in there?).

Though brilliant, the combination of templates and preprocessor makes it
really (really, really) hard going. I've read through a fair bit of c/c++
code before, and I can say that this stuff is the hardest I've ever tried to
decipher - and I know it is well written, not like most of the other stuff
I've looked at. Even stepping through it in the debugger is not that

I think I could use the library better and assist more in extending it if I
could put all the bits together in my head.(I have in mind something like
the big text file that Joel wrote for Phoenix.)

Just putting in a bid for your time Dave...


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