[C++-sig] Re: Pyste bug - static member functions...

Roman Sulzhyk roman_sulzhyk at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 01:46:29 CEST 2003

> >BTW, it seems likely that people will eventually want to do things
> like:
> >      
> >      # finalize any functions X inherited from base classes
> >      for b in X.bases:
> >          for f in b.member_functions:
> >              final(f)
> >
> >Pyste probably ought to expose a slick programmatic interface to the
> >XML info underneath it all... or does it do that already?
> >
> It does not. Currently, the headers are parsed after the user scripts
> have been executed, so what the user is manipulating in the scripts
> (ie, 
> pyste files) is not gccxml information at all. I agree with you, this
> is 
> indeed *very* nice to have, and I will put it in my todo list.

Yep, I arrived to similar conclusions also - currently the mechanism is
somewhat raw, it would be *very* nice to expose the parsed declarations
in the scope of the pyste script, to allow people to mutate them. 

Talking about todo lists, another useful thing would be to be able to
add a command line option to take XML file already pre-generated -
that'll simplify pyste script development some, because with G++ 3.x
series it takes considerable amounts of time to generate XML from C++
and hence making iterative changes is complex.


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