[C++-sig] Re: Re: Refactoring, Compilation Speed, Pyste, Lua/Ruby/JavaScript...

Joel de Guzman djowel at gmx.co.uk
Wed Jun 18 13:22:08 CEST 2003

Brett Calcott wrote:
>>> I think I could use the library better and assist more in extending
>>> it if I could put all the bits together in my head.(I have in mind
>>> something like the big text file that Joel wrote for Phoenix.)
>> Which text file was that? Indeed, the preprocessor really gets in the
>> way. Unfortunately, I had to bite the bullet too and the next
>> Phoenix/LL code will have to be preprocessor driven.
> Maybe my memory serves me badly. Before it made it to boost, there
> was a single text files documenting the different layers and how they
> fitted together. I thought of it as it stepped piece by piece through
> things, and why they were build that way (well, that is what I
> remember anyway). 
> Maybe I misremembered the whole thing. What year is it again..?

2003? Oh yeah, I remember now. Yeh, you have a good memory!

Joel de Guzman
joel at boost-consulting.com

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