[C++-sig] Re: Interest in luabind

Daniel Wallin dalwan01 at student.umu.se
Sun Jun 22 20:39:51 CEST 2003

> --- Daniel Wallin <dalwan01 at student.umu.se> wrote:
> > Right. We didn't really intend for luabind to be used in
> > this way, but rather for binding closed modules. It
> seems to
> > me like this can't be very common thing to do though, at
> > least not with lua. I have very little insight in how
> python
> > is used.
> Boost.Python's "cross-module" feature is absolutely
> essential for us.
> <snip>
> To summary my practical experience: Maybe (?) static
> dispatch is more
> efficient if most of your loops are in the interpreted
> layer, but it is
> vastly more efficient if you push the rate-limiting loops
> down into the
> compiled layer. This requires wrapping arrays of
> user-defined types
> which is much easier handled in a system based on dynamic
> dispatch. So
> overall dynamic dispatch wins out by a large margin.

I mostly agree with everything you say. However, it may
still be of interest to be able to bypass the dynamic
dispatch system and use converters with static dispatch. I
fail to see how wrapping arrays of user-defined types is
easier with dynamic dispatch though.

How do you import the converters from one module to another?
And how does type_info objects compare between dll

Daniel Wallin

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