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christophe grimault christophe.grimault at novagrid.com
Fri Jun 27 12:01:19 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I have a written several routines in C++ using blitz++. These
routines are called sucessively by the 'main' routine. I want to 
rewrite the main in python in order to gain development speed 
and flexibility. The routines use blitz++ matrix template library
but the interfaces to the routine are very common C++ calls with
basic C++ types (int, float*, short*, etc...) :

int foo( short* a, float b, float* c, int N ){
	Array<short, 1> A(N);
	A.data() = a;

	// Do some work

	return ( ERROR_CODE );

Is it straightforward to declare these routines with pyste
(or the classic boost method). Does the use of blitz in these
routines (which belong to another file than the main, beginning
with include of blitz.hh) complicates the process. I'm a bit lost 
because of the use of "templates in blitz++" versus "integration with boost".

Also, as you can see in the example routine above, I started with
a creation of a blitz array 'A' from the array 'a'. Because I'm
afraid of the work to get back and forth from Numeric array in Python
to Blitz++ templated Array in C++ is a complicated and big amount
 of work. 

Thanks for any response on these to points, and for any suggestion or
 criticism on my way of handling the problem.     

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