[C++-sig] call_method trouble?

Dirk Ulbricht fxdirk at insanesoftware.de
Mon Mar 10 21:10:59 CET 2003


I have attached a small test case that reproduces the problem.

Also, "Pass an FxObjectWrap* instead of an FxObject* to
pythonHandle" doesn't work either - same result.

Thanks again!

- Dirk

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"Dirk Ulbricht" <fxdirk at insanesoftware.de> writes:

> Hi Dave,
> I tested with the latest cvs, still the same results. I could narrow down
> the problem a bit, though. Only methods that are defined in the
> class-to-wrap can be called in the message handler, methods that are
> in the Wrapper (but not in the base class, like python_handle) are visible
> (print(dir(sender)) shows them) but they do not work. 

That's weird because I just tried a small test here which worked just
fine.  Can you send a _really_ _minimal_ reproducible case that I can
use to diagnose the problem?

> Do you have any ideas on how to work around that?

I would have said, "Pass an FxObjectWrap* instead of an FxObject* to
pythonHandle", but my test seemed to prove that it wasn't
neccessary... and that matches my expectations since pointer
to-python conversions are supposed to undergo automatic downcasting
for polymorphic types.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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