[C++-sig] pyste - falling over on certain inputs.

Paul Rudin paul.rudin at ntlworld.com
Mon May 5 09:27:56 CEST 2003

Apologies if this is a known issue - I did have a quick look through
the mailing list archive and couldn't see any mention of it.

I'm getting this assertion failure (up to date cvs pyste) when using
AllFromHeader on a number of files.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/pyste.py", line 195, in ?
    status = Main()
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/pyste.py", line 158, in Main
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/Exporter.py", line 26, in Parse
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/HeaderExporter.py", line 38, in SetDeclarations
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/HeaderExporter.py", line 54, in HandleDeclaration
    self.HandleExporter(decl, exporter_class)
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/HeaderExporter.py", line 64, in HandleExporter
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/ClassExporter.py", line 63, in SetDeclarations
    decl = self.GetDeclaration(self.info.name)
  File "/usr/local/boost/libs/python/pyste/src/Exporter.py", line 60, in GetDeclaration
    assert len(decls) == 1

An example of a header file that causes this is attached.
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