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Tue May 27 18:58:14 CEST 2003

[2003-05-27] David Abrahams wrote:

>Rene Rivera <grafik666 at redshift-software.com> writes:
>> [2003-05-27] David Abrahams wrote:
>>>"Achim Domma \(ProCoders\)" <domma at procoders.net> writes:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> is it still possible to use boost_python as static library? In
>> I
>>>> found BOOST_PYTHON_STATIC_LIB, but it seems not to be mentioned
>> in
>>>> the documentation. I defined it like this in my Jamfile:
>>>> <vc7><*><define>BOOST_PYTHON_STATIC_LIB
>>>> Bjam is linking with libboost_python.lib then, but I get a lot of
>> unresolved
>>>> externals, all refering to boost.python functions using
>>>> __declspec(dllimport) which seems wrong to me. Is it my fault or do I
>> have
>>>> to use the shared library?
>>>You shouldn't have to use the shared library.  Oops, as far as I can
>>>tell, if you're trying to use boost_python.lib from the bin-stage
>>>directory, we have a problem: the import library for the Boost.Python
>>>DLL has the same name, and overwrites the static library.  For the
>>>time being, until we figure out how to fix this, you should dig into
>>>the bin/... directories to find the static library build.
>>>Rene, do you have a solution up your sleeve for this one?
>> No trick solution needed. It should be putting the static lib to the
>> stage-bin with the "libboost_python.lib" name. At least that's what it
>> it does when I run the bjam in the libs/python/build directory. And from
>> above message it looks like Achim is using that version of the lib.
>And how would that name differ from the name of the import library
>used for libboost_python.dll?

Under Windows it produces:


The significant part is that the static lib has the "lib" prefix.

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