[C++-sig] embedding: getting exception information?

Achim Domma (ProCoders) domma at procoders.net
Thu May 29 17:20:11 CEST 2003


I'm embedding python in a COM object and want to get the information usually
printed via PyErr_Print. I tried code like this:

dict ns(... dict of __main__ like in the example ...);
try {
    handle<>(PyRun_String("import non_existing_module\n",
} catch (error_already_set) {
    // try to write error information to StringIO buffer
    PyRun_String("import traceback,sys,StringIO\n"
    "buf = StringIO.StringIO()\n"
    "error = buf.getvalue()\n",
    std::string error = extract<std::string>(ns["error"]);

I tried also to use extract<const char*> but in both cases I get an
exception in this line. I first tried to get the error information using the
C API, but I could not find a solution. Af a little bit of googling I found
this solution, but I don't know if it's ok: There is still an active
exception, so could I safely continue to use the interpreter to output the
Has somebody an working example on how to get the traceback or could point
me to the right direction?


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