[C++-sig] extending and callbacks in Boost.Python

kent at cognitoy.com kent at cognitoy.com
Fri Nov 14 23:16:36 CET 2003

Hi. I hope this question isn't too naive, but I've spent a couple of days
searching for the answer and haven't found it. I am trying to build an
application that extends Python with a collection of C++ libraries. In one
case, I want a library running an extended loop to call back into Python. 

I have set up something like this (sanitized for my protection):

A C++ base class:

struct PythonCallback
	virtual int perFrameCallback() = 0;

struct PythonCallbackWrapper : PythonCallback
  PythonCallbackWrapper(PyObject* self_)
      : self(self_) {}
  int perFrameCallback() { return call_method<int>(self,
"perFrameCallback"); }
  PyObject* self;

Then I have a callback registration function:

PyObject* mPythonCallback;
void MyObject::setCallback(PyObject* p)
  mPythonCallback = p;
And in my loop, I'm trying to do:

  call_method<int>(mPythonCallback, "perFrameCallback"); 

The import code is:

    .def("doSomethingWithCallback", &MyObject::doSomethingWithCallback)
    .def("setCallback", &MyObject::setCallback)

  class_<PythonCallback, PythonCallbackWrapper,

The python code looks like:

import MyObject

class MyCallback(MyObject.PythonCallback):
  def perFrameCallback():
    return 42

m = MyObject.MyObject()
cb = MyCallback()

So that's the whole system. When I run it, the script loads and runs, and I
see that the setCallback method is receiving a PyObject*. But when I try to
call the callback through that pointer, it throws an exception:


My initial thought was that this must mean an error occurred earlier that I
had failed to handle, so I put a call to PyErr_Occurred() before this to
test that theory -- and it returned null (no outstanding errors).

At this point I'm stuck. I haven't found a way to figure out what's going

By the way, I've also tried a simpler approach of just placing a free
function in Python and passing in a reference to it in setCallback, and
then using the call function to call it. I get the same results.

Please, I'd appreciate some help here. It feels really close...but
something is going very wrong. I'd also greatly appreciate a pointer to
some document somewhere that talks about setting up callbacks from C++ into
Python where the Python code is running the outermost loop. And maybe a
pointer to an explanation of what I can do with a PyObject*. Although I've
read through every bit of documentation I can find, I feel as though I know
a lot of disconnected facts without having any good overarching view of the



   Kent Quirk

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