[C++-sig] Exception support in CVS version of Boost.Python?

Dan Halbert halbert at bbn.com
Fri Oct 10 16:20:45 CEST 2003

I am a newcomer to Boost.Python and Pyste. I am very impressed. I
didn't write a bit of code, and got most of our interface working.

One thing I could still use is automatic translation of C++ exceptions
to Python exceptions. In the C++-SIG mail archives, I see discussion
of Gottfried G's exception translation automation. I think I see code
for it in the CVS snapshot of BPL in Boost. But I'm not quite sure how
this mechanism to be used, as it seemed to be evolving for a while. It
doesn't seem to be mentioned in the updated documentation.

Could someone supply a simple example of the Pyste exception
translation construct and a handler function?

And I'll need the latest CVS version of GCC_XML, right?

Also, is the Boost.Python CVS snapshot pretty stable (in terms of
being usable) and mostly waiting for Boost 1.31 to become official? My
current testing has all been with the Boost.Python code in the 1.30.2
release version.

Dan Halbert

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