[C++-sig] (OT) compiling python with msvc 7.1?

Martin Blais blais at iro.umontreal.ca
Sat Oct 18 01:39:20 CEST 2003

hi guys

just wondering, does anyone know how to build python (itself) with msvc 7.1?

i think i've looked everywhere, there are no instructions in the Python 
distribution itself, the PCbuild directory contains files for msvc 6.0, 
the PC directory for older versions, and googling away and grepping for 
quite a while only turns up a few threads on whether the official build 
should eventually become a 7.0/7.1 build.

surely one of the Boost.Python gurus must have hacked a jam file to do 
that at some point...

(i've got the infamous problem of passing C-runtime objects across the 
runtime boundary (python built with msvc 6.0, and my extension modules 
build with msvc 7.1).  an easy solution would be to build my python 
itself with 7.1.)

thanks for any hint/help.

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