[C++-sig] "The filename or extension is too long"

Mike Thompson mike.thompson at day8.com.au
Thu Sep 4 07:19:40 CEST 2003

I'm attempting to set up a Boost.Python project outside the Boost.Python tree.
I'm working with a modified version of the jam files provided in
boost\libs\python\example\project.zip (see end of post)

Everything appears to be working perfectly EXCEPT that bjam is attempting to
create a folder whose path is longer than 255 characters long which, on XP,
causes the whole process to fall over with the message "The filename or
extension is too long. "

Other than this one small problem, I believe my configuration works because
I've done "bjam -n -oBUILD.BAT" , hand-modified the folder names in BUILD.BAT
to something shorter than 255 characters and successfully built a useable

So. What can I do about these enormous paths? Here is an example:


I've googled and found one mention of this problem in 2002, but there was no
resolution or workaround mentioned, simply a comment that it needed to be

There's got to be a solution, because I don't run into this problem when I'm
working with the example in the Boost.Python source tree.

Any suggestions very welcome.

Here are the JAM files I'm working with:

-------------  Jamrules ---------------------------------------------

path-global BOOST_ROOT : C:/libs/boost ;

PYTHON_ROOT = C:/Python23 ;

STLPORT_PATH = C:/libs ;
STLPORT_4.5-0725_PATH = C:/libs/STLport-4.5-0725 ;
STLPORT_VERSION = 4.5-0725 ;

TOOLS = msvc-stlport ;
BUILD = release ;

---------- Boost-Build.jam  -----------------------------------------

# Specify path to the boost build system
BOOST_ROOT = C:/libs/boost ;
boost-build C:/libs/boost/tools/build ;

---------- Jamfile -----------------------------------------
project-root ;

# Include definitions needed for Python modules
SEARCH on python.jam = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) ;
include python.jam ;

# Declare a Python extension called getting_started1
extension getting_started1
  :  # sources
  :  # requirements

     # link to the appropriate library for the build variant.

  # library path required for linking to boost_python shared lib. You
  # may need to edit this for your installation



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