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Jason.Sibthorpe at aculab.com Jason.Sibthorpe at aculab.com
Mon Sep 8 17:28:50 CEST 2003


The -I option to pyste doesn't appear to work as I expect.

Invoking pyste without the -I option results in the following error
"    raise RuntimeError, 'Header file "%s" not found!' % name
RuntimeError: Header file "rc-engine.hpp" not found!"

As I would expect.

Invoking pyste with -I../ does not raise an error and source files
are generated but the body of the Export_*() is empty and include
directives are missing.

// rcengine.pyste
rcengine = AllFromHeader("rc-engine.hpp")

// _rcengine.cpp

// Includes ======================================================
#include <boost/python.hpp>

// Using =========================================================
using namespace boost::python;

// Module ========================================================
void Export_rcengine()


Note that the following _does_ work 

// rcengine.pyste
rcengine = AllFromHeader("../rc-engine.hpp")

Has anyone noticed this behaviour before?

I am invoking pyste as follows
pyste -I../ --out=rcengine --multiple nuance_config.pyste rcengine.pyste

and using Pyste version 0.9.22


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