[C++-sig] Re: Can anybody tell me the other difference betweenthese 2 little programs?

Conan Brink conanb at STCG.net
Thu Sep 11 21:03:09 CEST 2003

The short description is that the second one works because those handles
all pass out of scope before you call Py_Finalize(), so that
Boost.Python isn't trying to keep anything alive past the call to

The solution (until such time as it gets off the TODO list):  Don't call
Py_Finalize() if you have any Boost.Python objects still alive.


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Hehehe, good joke with the "diff" command. Well, if this error is 
something that is in the TODO list, I'll take the way that does not
for the moment.

Thank you David.

David Lucena.

On 11 Sep 2003 at 12:43, David Abrahams wrote:

> yakumoklesk at yahoo.es writes:
> >
> > The first difference I have found is that the first version exits
with an error
> >
> > Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread
> >
> > while the second version works OK.
[diff humor deleted]
> ...but seriously, folks:

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