[C++-sig] Code Warrior and Boost python

Xavier WARIN(Compte LOCAL) - I23 xavier.warin at der.edfgdf.fr
Tue Sep 23 15:58:50 CEST 2003

Hi ,

I try to use Boost V2 with codewarrior. I use version 7.0 that I have 
just upgraded to 7.2.
While trying to compile the Boost python source files i get a weird 
error in cstdio generated by boost/comptibility/generate_cpp_c_headers.py

I've got a lot of errors like :
undefined identifier 'FILE'
cstdio line 12 using::FILE ;

undefined identifier 'fpos_t'
cstdio line 13 using::fpos_t;

etc ...

What did i do wrong ? Any idea ?
Thank you

Xavier Warin

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