[C++-sig] Re: how to get python expection infomation in c++?

Ingo Luetkebohle ingo at fargonauten.de
Thu Apr 8 13:57:02 CEST 2004

Am Do, den 08.04.2004 schrieb Pierre Barbier de Reuille um 13:41:
> My point was about getting the error message not printed in stderr
> (because I have a GUI and reporting the error must be done in it). As
> PyErr_Print() writes its message to sys.stderr, the only way I found to
> get the message is to redirect sys.stderr to a pipe and to read this
> pipe. I event looked into Python code to see if there were a function to
> write the error where I want it to, but I didn't find any !

Check out the source code for PyErr_Print (from Python).  Its simply a
convenience function to inspect the python traceback object.  All the
information is available with other Python/C calls and you can print it

Its slightly more effort, but might come in handy if you want to have
just part of the trace or somesuch.



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