[C++-sig] should (how) I use Python to run my c++ classes

bert at isiosf.isi.it bert at isiosf.isi.it
Thu Apr 8 16:45:05 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm not a Python user, but I've read something and it seems very
interesting. I'm expecially interested in it's interplatform nature also
reguarding GUI (though Tkinter.)

I've already written a lot of classes for medical image processing, and
now I'm using qt as GUI to put all together. But,  first of all, qt
isn't free under windows, plus I'm encountering several troubles in
putting together some libraries.
So I though to Python as a possible language by which to write the GUI
(Tkinter) and call my c++ classes. I've read quickly several parts of
"learning Python" (oreilly) and I got my idea is feasible and even
suggested in the introduction.
But I don't know at all how to realize it...
Of corse I now I'll have to read a lot, but it would be nice to have a
simple example of a minimal python program calling a c++ class, maybe 
after clicking on a tk button. In this way I would understand if at
least it can be useful for me before to start a timekeeping study.

Any suggestion will be appreciated,
thank you very much,

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