[C++-sig] Re: help building hello world example on Debian

Daniel Holth dholth at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 11 18:28:00 CEST 2004

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David Abrahams wrote:

| I just updated the CVS with a better-commented example directory;
| see http://boost-consulting.com/boost/libs/python/example/README,
| which should be updated within the hour.  Daniel, it'd be a great
| idea for you to make sure that your shoutpy example uses the same
| techniques, if you're going to be passing it around as an example.

Good, I'll check mine. Thanks for the improved example. It is better,
I've just incorporated your Jamrules into shoutpy.

shoutpy is an instance of a simple external Boost.Python extension,
optionally using boost-build or distutils-, and it depends on a
non-boost library. I would like to hear about more libraries that meet
this criteria.

warning: shoutpy's boost-jam setup may not work right now for you.

Must I distribute the boost license along with my program because I've
used your example?

| Why did you do this?  You don't need it:
| # Include definitions needed for Python modules SEARCH on
| python.jam = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) ;

It's there because it was in project.zip , no other reason.

|> http://dingoskidneys.com/shoutpy/
|> shoutpy is a wrapper that lets you use Python to send compressed
|> audio

| Nice!  What can one do with this library, in lay terms?

You can use shoutpy to send Ogg/Vorbis or mp3 music to an Internet
radio station.

| Well, yeah, and did you try a release build?

Just did... the module's binary is 135 kilobytes. That's about half
the size of the distutils build, very good!

What are the advantages to using this:

~     <template>@boost/libs/python/build/extension

Rather than this (what I currently do):

~    <find-library>boost_python


It would also be nice to be able to fix gentoo's and debian's boost
packages so they allow boost.build to build Python modules.


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