[C++-sig] string being deleted causes crash

andrew acorriga at cs.stevens-tech.edu
Sat Apr 24 00:24:10 CEST 2004

I'm using boost python 1.31.0, python 2.2/2.3 (both had the same 
problem), and msvc7 to wrap up my library.  I'm in Windows XP

I have many functions that takes a std::wstring, sometimes in random 
different places the program crashes.

If I run it with MSVC's debugger, I find that the passed string is 
attempting to be deleted.

I have found that my problem is the same as described here:  

However I tried both of the suggested fixes in that thread (make sure 
compiling in debug mode if using debug bpl lib/release if using release 
bpl lib, and using bjam)  All of these resulted in the same problem, 
just on different calls.

Anyone know what to do?


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