[C++-sig] Re: multiple registrations of to-Python converter warning

Dirk Gerrits dirk at gerrits.homeip.net
Mon Apr 26 16:28:30 CEST 2004

Lutz Paelike wrote:
> Hi David,
> thanks for your help.
> I worked around the problem somehow but it leaves me with an odd feeling 
> that i can't really control
> the behaviour of my environment.
> On the page
> http://www.boost.org/libs/python/todo.html#pyfinalize-safety
> it says that "Dirk Gerrits has promised to do this job."
> I know this library is a community effort and i would be glad to see 
> this problem solved.
> So it would be nice to contribute and to give something back, however 
> the templates are hard to get into.
> Maybe Dirk has already something in work ?

Well I have looked at it, and either I had insufficient time or 
insuffictient knowledge or both, but I wasn't able to grasp 
Boost.Python's internals well enough. I had hoped that the 
Boost.Langbinding project would make those internals more manageable, 
but unfortunately that project is progressing rather slowly, due to the 
busy schedules of the authors I think. In the mean-time I have said 
Python farewell for the most part, so I don't think it would be 
realistic to wait for me to fix the Py_Finalize bug. I am sorry I had to 
break my promise, but that's the way it is I'm afraid.


Dirk Gerrits

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