[C++-sig] Re: new idea for pyste

Nicodemus nicodemus at esss.com.br
Tue Aug 10 04:53:34 CEST 2004

Hi everybody,

As some of you may have noticed, I have been a little off the list 
lately. Right now I have a full day job, I'm finishing my college, and 
lately I've been working on a side project for another company on my 
spare time. As one can see, little to no time is left to work on my 
personal projects (Pyste here included). That's the reason why I 
sometimes take days to respond a message or apply patches (which are 
very appreciatted. Thanks to all the contributors!). That does not mean 
that I plan to abandon Pyste, on the contrary: I plan to give it a good 
re-write next year (when I'm finally a graduate 8)), or at least 
dedicate a good time to bring it up to good shape (yes Niall, including 
fixing AllFromHeader ;)). But enough rambling.

I think the idea is nice, but I would like to see what's the improvement 
over something like this:

    import os
    import sys
    from Pyste import pyste

    # manipulate argv as needed

    # add/find include directories at your leisure
    sys.argv.append('my dir')


main() could be made to take an argv instead of always using sys.argv, 
but that change is trivial (I was surprised that it was not already that 
way: I always write main()'s like that...).

Anyway, I think both ways to work with Pyste are valid: they can coexist 
peacefully if Roman's idea is proved to be useful.


paul.bridger wrote:

> Pyste files are regular python, but they are not executable by 
> themselves. I think RY wants to be able to do something like:
> # foo.pyste
> import Pyste
> yoink = Class('Yoink', 'yoink.h')
> and then be able to:
> $ python foo.pyste
> David Abrahams wrote:
>> "Roman Yakovenko" <roman.yakovenko at actimize.com> writes:
>>> I think that moving this direction is good for a few reasons. One of 
>>> them is
>>> - it will cancel pyste files as special purpose files. Those files 
>>> will be regular python scripts. Also I think that this will 
>>> simplifier pyste.
>> I thought Pyste files *were* regular Python (?)  That was one of the
>> things I tried to convince Bruno to do in his design.
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