[C++-sig] Re: CVS version on VC++ 7.0

aashish aashish at vrac.iastate.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:49:38 CET 2004


I need to use the new conversion -> register_ptr_to_python.hpp in my project
and register_ptr_to_python.hpp is only available in the CVS version of the

So what I did is I got the cvs version and was trying to add the project
file into my project using Microsoft VC++ 7.0. For that I was trying to
include the boost/libs/python/build/VisualStudio/"project file". It was
asking me whether it should be converted for VC7.0. 

When you do that it says the file is corrupted "unable to load the project".

Please let me know how to get the project file of boost.python on VC++ 7.0. 



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