[C++-sig] intel compiler failing

Dusty Leary dleary at ttlc.net
Mon Feb 9 22:08:33 CET 2004

with both the previous version of boost, and the new 1.31, I can't compile
with the intel-win32 tools.

I get lots of instances of internal compiler errors.
D:\vs.net2003\VC7\include\xlocnum(1286):  (col. 37)internal error: assertion
failed at: "proton/edgglue/edg_main.c", line 593
compilation aborted for
D:\dev\boost_1_31_0\libs\python\build\../src/object_operators.cpp (code 4)

as far as I can tell, the errors are always this same assertion...  maybe
it's bottoming out on template nesting depth or something?

Anyway, obviously this is not really the fault of the boost developers.  But
is a workaround known?

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