[C++-sig] Redirecting the bjam output

Shukla, Nitin (Export) nitin.shukla at pw.utc.com
Wed Feb 18 22:21:06 CET 2004

Sorry if I caused any confusion. What I am wondering is this? 

Whenever I build my module from inside the Boost project tree my build
output i.e. *.pyd, *.lib etc. files are generated under following directory


If I build say the 'example' or the 'tutorials' that comes with the boost
directory the outputs go to the above path. But if I build a module outside
the boost project directory, the bjam tool creates the following directory
structure under the current working folder to output the *.pyd and other


I want that the .pyd and other files to be generated under
"currentworkingdirectory" rather the above directory structure. If
redirection can happen for modules built from boost project tree, I feel I
should be able to generate outputs in my current working folder.


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> Shukla, Nitin (Export) wrote:
> > Is it's really not possible? But whenever I build my 
> project inside the
> > Boost project tree, the outputs are generated in the 
> following folder:
> > 
> > 
> ${BOOSTROOT}/bin/${Currentfolder_name}/${BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE}.
> pyd/${-sTOOLS}
> > /${-sBUILD}
> > 
> > rather than /bin/${Currentfolder_name}/... being created 
> from my current
> > working folder. I thought there would be some way of 
> specifying the output
> > to be generated in the current working folder rather than 
> in such directory
> > structure. May somewhere in Jamfile or Jamrules file, I don't know.
> You are confusing me :-(  Could you be more explicit? ...
> * How do you want the files to end up?
> * Is it just the root "bin" directory that you want to change?
> * Or is it each *.pyd that you want to locate someplace else?
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