[C++-sig] Re: 1.31.0 Python libs Visual Studio Workspace is "empty"

lutz_p at gmx.net lutz_p at gmx.net
Mon Feb 23 13:04:31 CET 2004

I noticed the same problem from time to time.
I figured out that it is caused by unix text format, you can try to convert
it to windows/dos
format since the project and workspace files are just plain text.
I think the command line cvs doesn't convert the different formats when
checking out the files.
I use the builtin function of ultraedit for this but you can use other tools
of course...

Hope this helps,


> pixellent at stodge.net writes:
> > I downloaded 1.31.0 and tried to compile the Python library but the
> > workspace was empty when I loaded it into VC++ 6. It this a
> > workspace for a later version of VC++ or is the workspace broken?
> I can't answer this question, but just in case you don't already know,
> you can use bjam to build Python using the VC++ command line tools
> (this is the only way I've ever done it). Should all be documented...
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> Raoul Gough.
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