[C++-sig] Re: Boost.Python in SUSE 9.0 or SUSE 9.1?

Chris Hoeppler hoeppler at diener.iap.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Jul 6 18:30:15 CEST 2004

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve wrote:

> --- David Abrahams <dave at boost-consulting.com> wrote:
> > Chris Hoeppler <hoeppler at diener.iap.physik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:
> >
> > > FWIW, the compiler is happy with  "catch(exception_cref &e)", though I do
> > > --------------------------------------------------------^
> > > not know whether it would be okay to make that change...
> >
> > Sure; you can do that in your local copy.
> David is telling me:
> > > Hi David, I think he was asking if we can make that change in the main
> version
> .
> > > I think we should unless you have objections. I can run tests on all our
> > > platforms to make sure it works everywhere. Please let me know.
> > Yes, I have objections, at least if you don't make the patch very
> > precise and conditional.  It will break on many compilers.  The
> > add_reference invocation above it should have already added a
> > reference and many compilers (even most GCCs?) will choke on adding a
> > reference to a type that is already a reference.
> I.e. what we need is a very specific set of #ifdef's that will apply your patch
> only under SUSE 9, and only if the compiler with SUSE's patches is used.

Hi Ralf,

thanks for the pointers. Unfortunately I was unable to find a macro which
would allow to decide whether the gcc-version used was patched by SuSE. So
I guess, that for the time being I have to (a) install an 'official' gcc
release or (b) apply my patch locally. BTW, a first try with gcc-3.3.4 and
gcc-3.4.0 seemes to indicate that neither minds the added reference.
Should they?


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